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Natural Gas Public Awareness

January 01, 2018



Sperry Utility Services Authority


For additional information regarding pipeline safety

Call or write to us @

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America's pipeline industry maintains an enviable record of safety and reliability. Pipelines are by far the safest means of transportation today. The purpose of our pipeline is to provide safe, dependable, natural gas to our customers gas burning appliances 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, despite strict federal oversight and the conscientious efforts of companies like Sperry Utility Services Authority, hazards do exist and emergencies, though infrequent, can occur. Statistics show that the majority of pipeline damage is caused by third parties (construction contractors, property owners, excavators, etc.) digging near buried pipelines. Damage to a pipeline, such as scratches, gouges, creases, dents, and the cutting of tracer wire or tracer tape installed along with polyethylene plastic should be reported to Sperry Utility Services Authority. Third-party damage can be prevented by using a local excavation notification system known as OKIE One-Call and it’s FREE!

In Oklahoma, the law requires anyone planning to dig or excavate near an underground pipeline to notify OKIE One-Call Center two working days (48 hours) prior to beginning excavation activities. The OKIE One-Call center will notify member utilities that operate buried facilities in the area. A utility representative will determine if the project is near underground facilities and dispatch someone to the work site to clearly mark the route and location of buried cables and/or pipelines. Call 811 or 1-800-522-6543 and remember it’s FREE!

For public-safety reasons, most pipelines are buried several feet underground. To make pipelines easier to locate and identify, Sperry Utility Services Authorityinstalls markers near roads and highways, at railroad and river crossings, above ground piping and at other locations along our rights of way. These markers show a pipeline's approximate location and provide emergency-contact telephone numbers and product transported. Not all buried lines have markers. Therefore, prior to performing excavating activities as simple as planting a tree, installation of landscaping, building a fence, installing a swimming pool or installation of a mailbox, contact OKIE One-Call at 811 or 1-800-522-6543. A few examples of markers are shown below.


PHMSA (Pipeline & Hazardous Material Safety Administration) imposes rigorous standards for pipeline design, construction, maintenance, testing and operation. Sperry Utility Services Authority policies and procedures are designed to meet and, in most cases, exceed these standards. Our commitment to safety begins before a pipeline is built or expanded. We build safety into our system by:

  • carefully researching and planning the safe construction of each project;
  • using pipe that is inspected and tested at the factory to comply with both federal and industry standards;
  • providing steel pipe with a coating and other measures that protect it from external corrosion, the use corrosive resistant polyethylene plastic
  • inspecting the integrity of the pipe during construction;
  • testing the finished pipeline at pressures higher than normal operating pressure before it's placed into service.

Once a pipeline is built, tested and placed in service, Sperry Utility Services Authority controls and monitors the safety of its system in several ways, including: routinely patrolling our pipeline route on the ground to inspect for leakage and identify potential problems and assist in preventing third-party excavation damage. Other maintenance of facilities including:

  • over-pressure protection devices inspections
  • cathodic protection inspection (a means of adding negative DC current to steel pipelines to slow corrosion)
  • advising periodically, state and local emergency officials to review accident-prevention and emergency-response procedures


Natural gas pipeline leaks or failures are rare, but an informed public can help prevent emergencies and minimize potential damage or injury in the unlikely event of an accident by knowing how to recognize and report pipeline problems.


How to identify a leak

The following signs may indicate a natural gas pipeline leak or failure:

  • SIGHT—A dense fog, mist, or white cloud. Bubbling in water and creeks or blowing dust and discolored or dying vegetation.


  • SMELL—Natural Gas is naturally odorless, our gas has Mercapton added giving it a skunk like smell.


  • SOUND—Whistling, hissing, or roaring noise.



What NOT to do…

Do NOT touch, breathe, or make contact with the leak.

DO NOT light a match, turn on or off light switches, use a home phone or cell phone or do anything that may create a spark.

DO NOT attempt to extinguish any natural gas fire.

DO NOT attempt to operate any valves.


What to DO…

DO leave the home, building or area of any suspected leak.

DO call Sperry Utility Services Authority and 911 once safely out of the area.

DO Warn others to stay out of the area.






Online bill pay

October 05, 2017

We are making your life easier!

The Sperry Utility Services Authority has gone electronic.  You can pay online, on a mobile device or by calling.  We now accept payment by credit card, debit card, checking or savings.